The Shack in July: QRP Kits Introduction

Saturday 26th July, will be a tech session about evaluating QRP kits and building QRP equipment.

Phil VK5SRP will be a presenting about various QRP Radios available. Included in these is the Australian made “OZ QRP” Radio Kit that is becoming popular amongst several local members.

This is not a construction day as such but a familiarization of the kit for those that are contemplating building one of these kits. These kits currently cover the 20m, 40m and 80m bands.

No bookings required. For further information please contact Roy.

Parks Database

We are seeking assistance to develop and on-line parks activation database. If you have the required skills, or would like to take this on as a project, please advise Tony.

Mid Year Dinner

The AHARS mid year dinner will be held mid day on Sunday 20th July.

This year it will be held at the Marion Sports and Community Club, which is on Sturt Road opposite the Marion Council Chambers.

If you will be attending please advise Tony, as soon as possible. We need to finalise numbers with the venue.

The Shack in June: Soldering Course

Jim VK5TR, will be conducting a soldering course on Saturday 21st June.


  • RSVP required to Roy VK5NRG
  • A soldering iron with stand, preferably low voltage, temperature controlled (by whatever means), with a plated 3mm screwdriver tip, or a short fat plated conical tip.
  • A sponge, or stainless steel wool pad for tip cleaning
  • Resin cored 60/40 lead tin solder preferably 1.0 – 1.6mm diameter NOT lead free stuff
  • A good pair of small side cutters
  • A magnifying glass to inspect the full horror of their efforts
  • A sharp pointed set of tweezers to pick up and place 1206 surface mount components
  • An extension cord and power board