Identity of the last mystery ham


Hi all,

The identity of the last mystery ham is…………..

Ivan VK5QV.


Ivan is 85 years young.  He was first licensed as VK5QV (1952), G3KGH (1955-1957), VK2ATX (1958-1969).

I had NO correct answers.

I will post another mystery ham shortly. 

Best 73 all,

Paul, VK5PAS.

Mystery ham revealed

Did you guess the mystery ham ??????
I only had two correct answers and that was from Rob VK5RG (who featured in the first mystery photo) and David VK5KC (the answer had been leaked to him by Rob).
The mystery man this time around was Col Moore, VK5RO.

We now have a new VK5 QSL Manager!


Hi all,

AREG will be taking over this job.
A few final details need to be set, such as postal and email addresses.
All should be ready to go by early March.

Contact me or Paul (VK5PAS) if you need information urgently.

John Elliott

Stephan VK5RZ has resigned from the position due to commitments he has with study. Stephan has admirably performed this role for a number of years and is to be commended.

QSL cards come in to the VK5 QSL Manager from the WIA National QSL Bureau around every 3 months and they require some sorting and then forwarding out to the various VK5 clubs.

All costs incurred by the QSL Manager are reimbursed by the WIA.

I regularly hear complaints that the Bureau system is slow. This is largely due to a lack of VOLUNTEERS. This is YOUR opportunity of volunteering some of your time, and assisting the wider amateur radio community.

Best 73,


Another mystery ham

Hello all,

I received 3 correct answers to the previous ‘mystery ham’ item.

It was indeed…….

  • Rob GURR, VK5RG.

The correct answers came from….

  1. Roy VK5NRG 
  2. Dale VK5DC
  3. John VK5BJE

What about this gentleman below?  Any ideas?

If you do know who the ‘mystery ham’ is, please drop me an email to….


In around 1-2 weeks time I will release the identity of this fine gentleman.

Best 73,

Paul, VK5PAS