Latest issue of ‘Out and About in VK5″


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Here is the latest issue of ‘Out and About in VK5′.

Out and About Issue 16 February 2016.compressed (1)

PLEASE consider sending me an article for the next issue.  I am getting very few contributors.  Lot of readers, but not many sending me in material.

If you have any information relating to SOTA, Parks, portable operation in general, QRP, mobile, etc, please drop me an email to……

The info might be a review of a portable tx, an antenna project, your favourite park, an activation you’ve undertaken, something you read about on the internet.

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Can you guess who the ham is?

I recently received an email from Greg VK5LG who had come across a scrapbook with quite a few photos of ‘old time’ VK5 amateurs in it.

Greg has confirmed the identity of many of the hams, and we decided it would be a fun activity to place a photo on the website every week, to see if anyone could guess the identity of the amateur.

If you know who this good looking young man is, please drop me an email, or feel free to leave a message here on the website.

I will announce the identity of this week’s ham, next Monday.

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rob gurr 2

Latest WIA news


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Here is some recent news from the Wireless Institute of Australia (WIA)…….



High Altitude Balloon Launch – 26th Jan 2016


The Southern Hemisphere Space Studies Program (SHSSP) is jointly organised by the International Space University (ISU) and the University of South Australia.

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WIA at the Westlakes Amateur Radio Club


Wireless Institute of Australia President Phil Wait VK2ASD has accepted an invitation to make a presentation at the Westlakes Club Rooms in Teralba on Saturday, January 30 at 1pm.   

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A new President for the ARRL


The American Radio Relay League (ARRL) has elected Rick Roderick K5UR as its new President, succeeding Kay Craigie N3KN who has completed her third term.

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AX prefix on Australia’s national day


The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) automatically allows all radio amateurs to substitute their normal VK callsign prefix with the letters AX, every Australia Day.

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Hi all,

Here is some news from the Wireless Institute of Australia (WIA)……

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Paul, VK5PAS.



Wireless Institute of Australia Merit Awards


The WIA Board at its discretion makes awards to members for their contribution to Amateur Radio. These are announced at WIA’s Annual Conference, to be held in May on Norfolk Island.    

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IARU Region 3 Newsletter issued


A tribute to retired International Amateur Radio Region 3 Director Peter Lake ZL2AZ who has served since 2005 and held other positions earlier has been paid by its Chairman, Gopal Madhavan VU2GMN.   

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GlobalSET 2015 a great success – lessons to be learnt


The Simulated Emergency Test to measure the disaster readiness of Amateur Radio involved 38 countries and four others who recognised its importance but could not take part this time.    

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EME or Moon Bounce began 70 years ago


The United States Army was the first to bounce a radio signal off the Moon, and the site is now part of the Information Age Science History Museum and Learning Centre.   

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WIA supports move on NBN interference complaints


A technical solution to fix spurious emissions that sometimes come from the National Broadband Network or NBN fixed wireless network has been found.   

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Congratulations to Paul VK5PAS

Changes for the WIA Board

Date : 06 / 01 / 2016
Author : Roger Harrison – VK2ZRH

Over the Christmas-New year Period, the WIA Board has undergone some changes, with one director resigning, and a new Director and a new Treasurer being welcomed.
Rowan Dollar VK8RD resigned on 27 December 2015.

At a Board meeting on 5 January 2016, the Board accepted Rowans resignation and appointed Paul Simmonds VK5PAS as a Director, replacing Chris Platt VK5CP, who resigned on 1 December 2015 as he became a Commissioner on the Fair Work Commission.

Paul VK5PAS (pictured ) is well-known for his work in promoting and supporting the popular portable amateur activities such as the VK5 Parks Award, World Wide Flora and Fauna (promoting conservation via amateur radio) and Summits on the Air (SOTA). Paul is a Detective in the South Australian Police Force. He will continue as a Director through to the end of the AGM in May, in accordance with the provisions of the WIA Constitution.

A new Treasurer was appointed at the Board’s 5 January meeting. He is Chris Chapman VK3QB, who is well known in the DX world as Team Leader of recent DXpeditions VK9NT to Norfolk Island, and YJ0VK to Vanuatu, organised by the Oceania DX Group.Chris has also served in various roles with the Gippsland Gate Radio and Electronics Club, including two years as President. Chris and his wife own and run a business in Foster.

The Board welcomes Paul and Chris, and looks forward to their contributions to the important work of the Board and the Institute. They will participate in the Board’s scheduled January teleconference meeting on 19 January.

Paul vk5pas