2nd anniversary of the VK5 Parks Award

This weekend (Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th March) is the special activation weekend for the VK5 National and Conservation Parks Award.

Currently, a total of 32 amateurs are venturing out to conduct 92 activations in 76 unique National Parks and Conservation Parks, all across South Australia.

This includes a number of AHARS members.

There will also be VK3 participation with at least 2 VK3 amateurs coming across the border to activate parks.


Some of the activity will commence tomorrow afternoon, so have a listen out on the bands.

Activity will be mostly on 40m SSB, however there will be some CW & PSK activity, and also activity on some of the DX bands including 20m.

If you hear an activator, please give them a call.  Remember this is our (AHARS) award program, so please support it.

Best 73,




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John VK5EMI Newsletter Editor

(Updated 21-March-2015).

NB: corrections to callsigns made – SRI to those denigrated by my “faulty” keyboard!)




Hi all,

The fortnightly activation event for the VK5 Parks program is on again tonight (Friday 13th March 2015).

From around 0700 UTC this afternoon (5.30 p.m. SA local time) there will be a number of amateurs operating portable from South Australian National and Conservation Parks.

At this stage there will be nine (9) parks being activated, on the Yorke Peninsula, the Murray Mallee, the Adelaide metro area, and in the Adelaide Hills.

  • Scott Creek CP – John VK5BJE
  • Black Hill CP – Chris VK4FR/5
  • Ferries McDonald CP – Peter VK5PET
  • Cleland CP – Gordon VK5GY
  • Bird Island CP – Adrian VK5FANA
  • Ferguson CP – Arno VK5ZAR
  • Ettrick CP – Geoff VK5HEL
  • Charleston CP – Paul VK5PAS
  • Cromer CP – David VK5NQP

If you hear any of the activators, please give them a call.

Best 73,



Above – John VK5BJE

Activation evening tonight

Hi all,

Tonight (Friday 27th February 2015) is the fortnightly Summer activation event for the VK5 National and Conservation Parks Award.

Every second Friday, VK5 Parks activators head out during the Summer period to activate National & Conservation Parks.

The following is a list of activators who are heading out late this afternoon/this evening…..

  • Col VK5HCF & Tom VK5EE – Gower Conservation Park
  • Geoff VK5HEL – Ferries McDonald Conservation Park, and possibly Monarto Conservation Park
  • Chris VK4FR/5 – Morialta Conservation Park
  • Adrian VK5FANA – Wills Creek Conservation Park and/or Clinton Conservation Park
  • Paul VK5PAS – Onkaparinga River National Park

If you hear an activator, please give them a call.

Best 73,

Paul, VK5PAS


Special call signs for Anzac centenary


Hi all,

I have successfully applied for use of the VK100ANZAC & VI5ANZAC call signs for the ANZAC Centenary.

Dates and call signs are as follows…..

  • Sunday 16th August 2015 – VI5ANZAC
  •  101 year anniversary of the formation of the 10th Battalion.


  • Sunday 20th September 2015 – VK100ANZAC
  • Roy Inwood.  VC recipient.  98th anniversary of the award.


  • Sunday 4th October 2015 – VI5ANZAC
  • Activation at Belair National Park at WW2/Korea memorial.


  • Sunday 25th October 2015 – VK100ANZAC
  • William Henry Kibby.  VC recipient.  Anniversary of his death


  • Sunday 22nd November 201 5- VI5ANZAC
  •  ‘Diver’ Derrick.  VC recipient.  70th anniversary of his death.


Other than the 4th Oct activation (which is at Belair National Park), I am hoping that we will be able to operate at the National Military Vehicle Museum at Edinburgh Park.  I am awaiting official confirmation of this after an upcoming committee meeting they are having.

Everyone at AHARS is able to participate in these events.   Please bear in mind, that these call signs will be very much in demand, so operators with a good working knowledge of how to ‘work a pile up’ are desired.

If you would like to become involved, please drop me an email.











Parks activation afternoon/evening this Friday

Screenshot 2015-01-28 18.26.26

For those who may be interested, this Friday (30th January 2015) there will be about 7 park activators heading out to activate VK5 National & Conservation Parks in the Adelaide Hills, the Murraylands, the Riverland, the Port Augusta region, and the South East.

This is the 2nd twilight activation event.  The first was held on Friday 16th January.  These afternoons/evenings are a fortnightly event.

Activators will be on air from around 4.30 p.m. (0600 UTC) on the 40m band and also on 20m.

If you do hear an activator, please give them a call.

Maybe, you might like to try an activation yourself?  If you do, you would be welcomed aboard by the park hunters.  Information on what parks are going to be activated can be found at the VK5 Parks Yahoo group at…..


More information on the VK5 National & Conservation Parks award can be found on the VK5 Parks website at…..


Best 73,



Latest edition of “Out and about in VK5″

Here is the latest issue of “Out and about in VK5″.

The newsletter focusses on portable activity here in South Australia, including:

  • Summits on the Air (SOTA)
  • VK5 National & Conservation Parks Award
  • World Wide Flora Fauna (WWFF)
  • QRP
  • general portable operation
  • pedestrian mobile

The newsletter is released at the start of each month.

I welcome any news and photographs relating to the subject material.  If you would like any information included in the next issue, please send me an email to:


Best 73,

Paul, VK5PAS

Out and About Issue 3